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Morromico Bay, Chocó, Colombia | July, 2018

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Me Say War

Strangely, reggae pulsed through my brain as I hiked through the snow to our yurt this morning. No, South Park, Colorado, was not having a reggae fest, and I was not listening to music. (I never do in the hills, as nature’s music is more than enough.) This was internal music, a soundtrack of the […]

Giving Tuesday: dZi Foundation

A few weeks back, I gazed across a great gorge, that of the mighty, raging Hunku Khola. Rushing waters coursing from the glaciers of Chamlang, Baruntse, Mera, and innumerable other high peaks carved the valley below me over eons. A spectacular feat of geology and hydrology, and an intimidating one for a trekker. As I […]

Thankful Thoughts

It's a challenge to be thankful these days. The world seems awash with horror and tragedy, wars and famines and vitriol sucking marrow from the bone of humanity. And the relentless algorithms that control so much of our lives feast on calamity, serving it up in heaping spoonfuls again and again. If we look, though, […]


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In Memoriam: Helen Ann Rhea, 1922-2014

On May 14, 2014, my godmother, Helen Ann Rhea, passed out of this world, ending a protracted, 7-year battle with the aftermath of a massive stroke. For 72 years, Helen was a rock in our family, always there with a smile, a hug, and endless love, tending to the needs of everyone – often at […]



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Thursday Thought: Robert Michael Pyle, Nature Bats Last, and the Optimism of Pessimism

The image [of a coyote lifting a leg] should be struck on a new coin, with Charles Darwin on the other side, not negotiable, but a good-luck coin to remind us of change and evolution, and of creatures that will be happy to adapt if we ourselves cannot…The land has been hurt. Misuse is not to be excused, and its ill effects will long be felt. But nature will not be eliminated…Rain, moss, and time apply their healing bandage, and the injured land at last recovers. Nature is evergreen, after all.



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Thursday Thought: Ganges, Revered and Reviled

The Gaanges River in India is both revered and reviled: it's worshipped as an incarnation of the divine by nearly a billion Hindus, and is also one of the most polluted rivers in the world.


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George Mallory and the Second Step: A Red Herring?

I’ve been slowly having my archive of slides – some 15,000 from past shoots and expeditions – scanned by ScanCafe. The last shipment just came in recently, and included my images from the first Mallory & Irvine Research Expedition in 1999. Wow…Lots of images, taken on my first trip to Everest, and many I had […]


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