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Morromico Bay, Chocó, Colombia | July, 2018

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The Passing of a Hero: Tom Hornbein, November 6, 1930 – May 6, 2023

It's difficult at best when a hero passes on to the next chapter. On May 6, 2023, the world lost a great light with the death of Dr. Tom Hornbein, a remarkable climber, doctor, father, husband, inspiration, and friend. I will forever miss his spirit and friendship, and be forever inspired and motivated by his example.

On Time and Sunsets

“Where are you from?” I asked Jaime. (I’ve been told by many people this is a question one shouldn’t ask, an inquiry that makes people feel uncomfortable. I refuse to believe it or abide by it; we are all brothers, all sisters, all people sharing this earth, and knowing more about a person - their […]

On Grace

It's my mother's birthday today. She would have been 78, but sadly passed away from Acute Myeloid Leukemia in July 2022. Rather than mourn her today, rather than lament her absence, I'm instead going to celebrate her and her existence for 77+ years and the beauty she brought - and shared - throughout her life. […]


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Everyone has an Everest...Karen's is losing weight

(I planned to write, well, finish and post, my thoughts on Mallory & Irvine's summit day today, but it needs a bit more work, and frankly I've been swamped. So, that'll have to wait till next week. But, in the meantime, I came across this post and inspriational story...enjoy.) I say it a lot - […]

George Leigh Mallory – June 18, 1886

I suppose we go to Mount Everest, granted the opportunity, because—in a word—we can’t help it. Or, to state the matter rather differently, because we are mountaineers…. To refuse the adventure is to run the risk of drying up like a pea in its shell.



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Did Mallory & Irvine make it to the summit of Everest?

Could George Mallory and Andrew Irvine have bypassed the Second Step on the Northeast Ridge of Everest? View an interactive panorama and decide for yourself!


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Noel Odell's Final View of Mallory & Irvine, June 8th, 1924

On June 8, 1924, Noel Odell made the final sighting of George Mallory and Andrew Irvine on the summit ridge of Everest. What did he see? What could he have seen? And, what can we learn about this final sight, before Mallory & Irvine disappeared into the ether?


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