“An absolutely 
electrifying presentation.”

- S. Pann, Morgan Stanley

Devil’s Playground, Pikes Peak, Colorado | June, 2018


Eight-time Everest climber, UN Ambassador, award-winning filmmaker/photographer, and author Jake Norton has inspired tens of thousands around the world to reach their summits.

Inspiring organizations, teams, schools, and individuals around the world since 1999.

Reaching tens of thousands of people from Colorado to Kathmandu, Jake Norton has traveled the globe as a speaker, inspiring audiences to climb their Everests—personal and professional, physical and metaphorical.
Despite climbing Everest eight times (summiting three times), climbing the highest peaks on five continents, and leading major expeditions on countless other mountains and rivers across the globe, Jake’s messages don’t simply focus on the summit. Gleaned from three decades of guiding and climbing, he knows that viewing the summit as the sole barometer of success is a recipe for disaster. Instead, Jake urges audiences to understand, first and foremost, why they are climbing, and to know that the summit is but one small part of a much bigger journey of the self, of our teams, and of overcoming our challenges and embracing them as opportunities.

A gifted storyteller, Jake incorporates his award-winning photography and film in his presentations, bringing audiences out of their seats and into the adventure with him. 

Jake’s keynotes are tailored to the unique needs and desired outcomes of each audience, ensuring his message resonates with the perspectives and aspirations of his listeners. In his signature keynote, Getting FITT: Climb Your Everest, they explore the four keys to success and how these apply to the Everest in their lives: Fear, Instinct, Teamwork, and Tenacity. Along with his signature keynote, Jake offers presentations on the Ethics of Everest and the legendary Lost on Everest: the Mystery of Mallory & Irvine.
Everest Mountaineer
UN Ambassador

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Jake Speaking at WFP
Jake's talks include an immersive, mountain adventure film and photo experience for audiences.
  • “A spell-binding masterpiece!”
    - Tom Hornbein, Everest Climbing Pioneer & Author


    “Spectacular! [Jake] gave us the motivation we need to tackle 
    the Everests in our business!”
    - U. Gupta, Keynote Systems
  • “Jake was unbelievable!”
    - A Chase, BTA
    “A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Jake taught us how to turn fear and adversity into opportunity and success.”
    - Re/Max, National Conference
  • “Jake didn’t beat my expectations, he shattered them!”
    - L. Knoten, Ritz-Carlton

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