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Morromico Bay, Chocó, Colombia | July, 2018

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Climbing for Mental Health

I'm somewhere over Minnesota, cruising at 33,000 feet, making my way (the long way perhaps with stops in Frankfurt and Addis Ababa) to Tanzania. This will be my 12th (I think, maybe 13th) climb of Kilimanjaro, and I couldn't be more excited. Sure, I always love my times on Kili: there's stunning scenery, fun terrain, […]

Great Days on Mount Everest

Great days in the mountains don't always mean a summit. Sometimes - perhaps more often than not - they're comprised of exploration, solitude, adventure. Remembering a couple such days on Mount Everest.

Exploring for Ice - and Fun

Everyone told me it was a fool’s errand. “There’s no ice in Evergreen,” they’d say with certainty. “Nothing. Nada. I’ve looked, and it isn’t here.” For a while, I simply took their word for it, acquiescing to the apparent reality that I’d have to drive to Silverplume or down into Clear Creek Canyon to climb […]


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Sunrise or Sunset?

The symphony of light in Omis, Croatia, is a constant reminder of our interconnectedness.


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Slovenian Arachnids

In Slovenia, the arachnid community builds webs across trails, the delicate, intricate silk catching the morning dew like a string of pearls.



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War Reflections

Immersed in the scars of war in the former Yugoslavia, we learn about conflict, and how we all play a part.


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The Fog

Depression can be like a fog, thick and heavy, obscuring all but the brightest of lights. But, with effort, we can begin to cut through it and see the light of dawn.



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