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Morromico Bay, Chocó, Colombia | July, 2018

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Why climb mountains?

Why climb mountains? Some thoughts from time on Everest, helped by the wisdom of Simon Sinek, Adam Grant, and Charlie Houston.

Virtual Mount Everest Tour is LIVE!

A massive project to bring Mount Everest to life, virtually. 21+ years in the making, 4 months building and coding, and finally LIVE for all to enjoy!

Thursday Thought: Earth Day

Some brief thoughts on Earth Day 2021 through the minds of Teddy Roosevelt, Robert Michael Pyle, and Edward Abbey.


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Super Sherpas – The Backbone of Himalayan Mountaineering

This spring on the slopes of Mount Everest a timely (and, in my opinion, long overdue) documentary will be created: Super Sherpas. Focusing primarily on two amazing Sherpa climbers, Apa and Lhakpa Gelu, the film will document their ascent of Everest via the traditional Southeast Ridge Route. For Apa Sherpa (pictured below in 2002 at […]


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The Right Team

Recently, Fortune Magazine's online section featured a Q&A with author (and climber) Jim Collins, who penned the great books Built to Last and Good to Great. The first question to Collins asked what primary advice he would give to a beginning entrepreneur. Collins' response was both simple and profound: Starting a company is like scaling […]

Windproof Suits and 68 Year Old Crackers

Would you eat 68 year old biscuits? Probably not, but if you're hungry enough and happen to be high on Mount Everest, I know where some are.


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The Sherpas (and sherpas) of Everest

It's that time of year again - another Everest season has begun, and the presses are churning. (Be sure to visit Explorer's Web for coverage and information.) For me, I am waiting to find out if I will be returning to the mountain this spring for a major film project. I cannot disclose the details […]


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