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June 2021
Help me, help us, reach the $5,000 goal to unlock another $5,000 for dZi Foundation and their work to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Nepal.

Two weeks ago, I started a campaign to help ease the impact of the devastating second wave of Covid-19 sweeping across Nepal. The intent was twofold: to raise funds for Nepal Rising for their work in providing immediate relief for those suffering from Covid in Nepal - oxygen, vaccines, and more, and to raise funds for dZi Foundation for their work in preventing the spread of Covid in their work area of five rural municipalities in eastern Nepal.

A Hindu sadhu, or holy man, prays at the Indreshwar Mahadev Temple in the holy city of Panauti, Kathmandu, Nepal.

A great many of jumped right in and joined me, and all of you subscribers joined me as well, with 10% of your membership fees going in as a donation. (Actually, it's more like 20%, as I sent in 10% as a separate donation, which will be included in my match, thereby doubling the total amount.)

I'm truly blown away by the engagement, compassion, and generosity so many of you have shown, and I know the funds will make (and already are making) a huge impact on the people of Nepal in one of their toughest hours.

The Nepal Rising campaign match is now finished; together, we went over the goal, raising $3,625.00; with my dollar-for-dollar match being upped to meet the huge generosity, we made a total raise for Nepal Rising of $7,250.00!

And, we're super close to reaching the matching goal for dZi Foundation of $5,000.00; as of writing, the tally is $4,542.41, meaning we just need $457.59 to hit the goal and make a total of $10,000.00 available for dZi to continue preventing the spread of Covid and helping ease the suffering of those communities who have lost work, income, and livelihoods due to the pandemic.

Can you help us get across the finish line? Please visit my dZi fundraising page and make a donation if you can, and share this with others who might be interested and able.

A young Newari girl in Bhaktapur, Nepal.

Again, thank you all for chipping in and helping make a difference!

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