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All that Flows Downhill

The drops fell rhythmically, metronomically, glassy orbs of exquisite beauty slipping into an icy abyss. I was transfixed, hypnotized by the simplicity, the sublimity, the entrancing meditation and profound power of it all, knowing these drops began as vapor carried from distant lands, fell as snow, melted, and would follow me and my companions some 1,600 miles to the Bay of Bengal, there to be heated, evaporated, condensed, and fall once more on yet another far away place.


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A Busy, Threatened Utopia

A wildlife utopia, Salisbury Plain and other parts of remote South Georgia may soon be impacted by an iceberg the size of Rhode Island.


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Petition for Mountains in COP21

The mountains are mighty, but fragile, and essential to our survival. Join me in urging the United Nations to include mountains in the UNFCCC COP21 climate deal.


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