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To See or Not To See? That is the question for Noel Odell.

On June 8, 1924, Noel Odell reported seeing George Mallory and Andrew Irvine high on the summit ridge of Mount Everest. Did he see them? Could he have seen them? And, where? Was he confused? A series of thoughts, interpretations, and photo analysis on the subject in today's post.

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Everest Searches: 1999-2019

Explore the areas searched and discoveries made high on Mount Everest from 1999-2019.

MOUNTAINS & ADVENTURE The unDefined Community

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Trash, Treasure, History, and Meaning

A letter from 1933 found frozen into a sleeping bag at 27,400 feet on Mount Everest. Trash, treasure, and meaning.


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Trekking with Giants

I’ve been beyond fortunate over the years to take part in some very meaningful expeditions, climb with amazing partners, and interact with some special people who paved the way in the mountains. One of the tops on my personal list was a decade ago, Spring 2012, when I headed to Everest with good friends David […]


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