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Everest Searches: 1999-2019

Explore the areas searched and discoveries made high on Mount Everest from 1999-2019.

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Hunting for Old Camps

The 1924 Camp II was the last of the pre-World War II camps on Mount Everest I had yet to find and visit. After some legwork, Sid Pattison and I were able to locate it.


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Everest: The 800 Pound Gorilla

As the dust settles on another Everest season, and our team makes its way across the Tibetan Plateau, I'm haunted both by what I saw on the mountain and by what I'm reading and hearing in the press. Sadly, none of it is new per se; it's feelings and sight and sounds and reactions I've […]


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Visiting the Dead

Those that came before are never far from my mind here on Everest. At times you can feel their presence in the very landscape, watching, looking, listening, sometimes warning. Some are the legends - Mallory and Irvine, Marty Hoey, Boardman and Tasker - and some, like Tsewang Paljor and David Sharp are from the modern […]


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