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Morromico Bay, Chocó, Colombia | July, 2018

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Give Like a Bodhisattva

While we all may not be able to sacrifice ourselves to a tiger, feed the homeless with God's own cheesecake, or become a bodhisattva, we can all give in our own ways. It's good for us, and good for our world.

dZi Foundation & #GivingTuesday

We rise by lifting others. - Robert Ingersoll When I first visited Nepal in March 1992, I knew immediately, intuitively almost, it was a place I would return to. From the soaring peaks rising to impossible heights to deep valleys, raging rivers and elusive wildlife, ancient culture and intricate history, the fabric of the nation […]

Mastering Perfectionism

It should have been - or at least should have felt - pretty darn perfect. After years of dreaming and a couple of failed attempts, I was standing on the summit of Everest. It was just Karma Rita and me, alone on top of the world. Like me, Karma was on top for his first […]


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Plan for the Worst; Hope for the Best

When things seem hopeless - as they often do now - it is time more than ever to embrace hope, embrace the risk it entails, and gather its energy to drive us forward into the unknown.


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All that Flows Downhill

The drops fell rhythmically, metronomically, glassy orbs of exquisite beauty slipping into an icy abyss. I was transfixed, hypnotized by the simplicity, the sublimity, the entrancing meditation and profound power of it all, knowing these drops began as vapor carried from distant lands, fell as snow, melted, and would follow me and my companions some 1,600 miles to the Bay of Bengal, there to be heated, evaporated, condensed, and fall once more on yet another far away place.


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What's In A Name?

Mount Everest, or Chomolungma? Peak XV was renamed "Everest" in 1856, after it was discovered to be the highest in the world. But, did the renaming not only ignore history, but also leave something behind?


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Contemplating Oneness

From Swami Vivekananda to philosopher Ken Wilber, physicist Alan Lightman to rebel environmentalist Ed Abbey, today's "Thursday Thought" about contemplating Oneness in a world that insists on duality.


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