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Morromico Bay, Chocó, Colombia | July, 2018

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Why climb mountains?

Why climb mountains? Some thoughts from time on Everest, helped by the wisdom of Simon Sinek, Adam Grant, and Charlie Houston.

Virtual Mount Everest Tour is LIVE!

A massive project to bring Mount Everest to life, virtually. 21+ years in the making, 4 months building and coding, and finally LIVE for all to enjoy!

Thursday Thought: Earth Day

Some brief thoughts on Earth Day 2021 through the minds of Teddy Roosevelt, Robert Michael Pyle, and Edward Abbey.


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The Fences that Divide Us

A small fence in a forgotten cemetery in rural Tennessee is a metaphor for the fences we love to build in our country and our society, and succeed not in keeping us safe, but in tearing us apart.


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New Everest Panorama Soon!

Calling for ideas of what people want to see and learn about in the next interactive, gigapixel panorama of Mount Everest.


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Mirrors, Reflections, and Furies

Perfection is a utopian fallacy, and the path out of our current abyss resides in our ability to look in the mirror and make amends for what we see in the reflection.


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A Little Love

In this time of trouble and division, my mind is fogged, the path unclear. The only clarity I have is that we need more love.


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