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Morromico Bay, Chocó, Colombia | July, 2018

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Life, Death, & Water: In Memory of Alice Gaines Milnor Norton, April 11, 1945 - July 26, 2022

How to capture 77 years of life well lived? How to encapsulate all the thought, emotion, love, sadness, grief, celebration, and mourning on losing a mother, a friend, an inspiration, after 48 years? I don't know, or even begin to know, but the below is an attempt at remembrance, reflection, commemoration.

Everest Searches: 1999-2019

Explore the areas searched and discoveries made high on Mount Everest from 1999-2019.

Montenegro Memories of those remarkable places that touches the mind, body, and soul, leaving you wanting more.


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The Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of life? It's a question we all ponder at some point, and perhaps never really understand until we're faced with it's inevitable end and the comprehension that brings.


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Trekking with Giants

I’ve been beyond fortunate over the years to take part in some very meaningful expeditions, climb with amazing partners, and interact with some special people who paved the way in the mountains. One of the tops on my personal list was a decade ago, Spring 2012, when I headed to Everest with good friends David […]


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That Was KÜHL

A chance encounter on the chairlift with a legend of the outdoor industry, and also a great guy.



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Never Give Up

In 1997 on Cho Oyu, and again in 1999 on Everest, I saw the indefatigable strength of Ukrainian climbers. Today, we see the same in the Ukrainian people, fighting for their nation against Putin's aggression.


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